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Mrs. Lalita Iyer

I, Lalita Iyer consider myself to be an energetic, dedicated, understanding and a helpful person. I work with a great deal of certainty.

More than others, I need to have interesting and exciting things to work with. I like hobbies that involve collecting things, drawing and cooking. I enjoy working in a team.

In the classroom, I usually try to connect to the world inside and outside, by which my children learn to look ahead, doing the thinking which is necessary before performing an action. I try to bring the spirit of openness and challenge to kids.

Use of innovative ways in the use of time and space helps to cover the syllabus using the elements of spirit, creativity and enjoyment to an otherwise normal or mundane classroom. I explore leadership, teamwork and collaborative work together with the children. I believe in communicating goals and results to parents and I am open to new ideas and suggestions.

My main aim from the very beginning has always been to reach out and teach, not only what is there in the Text Book but to imbibe moral values and inculcate habits that would ultimately produce fine citizens. I personally feel that each child is special. Care should be taken that one does not differentiate between the weak and bright students. It lies in the hands of a teacher to use his or her knowledge and creativity to mould each student and prepare them to face the hurdles and overcome all shortcomings.

My Goals

A little braver when the skies are grey
A little stronger when the road seems long
A little more of patience through the day
And not so quick to magnify a wrong.

There I can do and be from day to day
By walking on this patch tiptoe,
Then with confidence I can say
There little things will help me grow.


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