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What our parents says

Mr. Rupesh Gayatri
PTA Representative

Hello Team VPMS,
Applause for the members of VPMS, Lohegaon.
My children are studying in Std. VIII and LKG. Firstly, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all of you for splendidly adapting to the new normal that we all are going through in these tough times. In these 3 months, I can say from my personal experience that, the online classes have been well received by the children. The classes have been excellently designed to keep the children engaged and also considering their all-around development. A special mention to the activity week following the foundation day which was very well crafted for the little ones and also the
various competitions being conducted for the higher classes. I can imagine the huge amount of effort that must have gone in from all of you and the teachers involved.


I think that the words may not be enough for conveying my feeling of gratitude to all the members involved in securing the future of all the students of VPMS, Lohegaon.

Thank you once again to all of you, the teachers and also the office staff who contribute to the smooth running of the school even in these difficult times!



Ms. Sayali


It was a wonderful, well-coordinated parent orientation conducted on Microsoft Teams this morning. Yes, certainly being at the school was missed but at the same time equal warmth was bestowed in the online platform as well. The information about how to manage online classes along with managing family life was really appreciated.

Efforts of all the teachers are seen through the continuous upgradation of quality teaching materials that have been produced from the day one. We really appreciate all the quick steps taken by school management and in turn by the school authorities at VPMS Lohegaon. As rightly mentioned during the presentation, this is a phase and all
of us together can bring in the desired change to adapt to this situation.


Thank you once again for a wonderful orientation which has definitely given a boost to be prepared for this new challenge.
Best wishes to the entire VPMS Lohegaon team




Sonali and Prasad Kulkarni

Dear Team,

Our son is studying at VPMS, Lohegaon in Sr.KG. We as parents are closely following his classes since June 20.
I would like to take a moment to appreciate the humongous efforts put in by VPMS staff (Principal, Co-ordinators, Teachers, Technicians) which is helping to conduct the classes seamlessly.

Some positives which we could see:
* Teachers adjusting to technology, which is not at all easy.
* Amount of effort that goes in coming up with classes.
* Ensuring each ward gets opportunity to speak in class.
* Weekly interaction with the ward
* Prompt response to Parent's queries.
* Ensuring activities are conducted with a small number of students and getting it done
from everyone. Consistently doing it is key.
* Being so patient, yet passing on the right message to kids.
Once again thanks to everyone who is ensuring our kids get good experiences.




Srishti Dey

Dear Teachers,
Thank you, dear teachers, for taking so much efforts during this lockdown, to teach us. The online classes are so engaging that I almost feel that I am attending regular classes at school. During these tough times also, you have not let me feel that
anything has changed in the world. You have taught us how to make impossible possible. I would love to appreciate your efforts and the hard-work you have put into teaching us all the good things.




Mrs. Maheshwari
PTA Representative

Hello Ma'am
Vikhe Patil Memorial School and Staff have been very supportive of any small initiative taken by the students and this is what makes us different from other schools. Appreciate your support and guidance as always.




Mrs. Priya Shivaramakrishnan

Attaching a short poem I came across on Facebook, but reading it brought so many emotions!!
Dedicated to the Principal, Teachers and Staff of VPMS Lohegaon!!

From hand holding to screen sharing
From chalk to chat
From blackboard to whiteboard
From real to virtual
The journey was difficult,
But YOU did not give up.
From offline to online
From keep quiet to speak up
From no mobile to turn on your mobile
From conventional to technical
The journey was difficult,
But YOU did not give up.

From notebook to screenshot
From teacher's assessment to self-assessment
From classroom to zoom
From school to home
The journey was difficult,
But YOU did not give up.




Mr. Utpal Raut

Hi Team,
The Virtual Jungle Safari was really nice, Anvayi enjoyed a lot. There were many things which were new to her, including new vocabulary/sounds- alarm, etc.

We would look forward to such nature sessions in future (virtual/real).
Thanks for arranging such an activity.




Mr. & Mrs. Jagdale


Respected Madam,
I would like to express my gratitude to the co-ordinator, counsellor and teacher for talking with my child and making him comfortable. This helped him a lot to take out the fear of exams and focus on studies too. He is feeling more confident to attempt the exams and also started preparing for it.


Thanks for helping out in this much needed time.



Mrs. Komal Londhe,


Dear Teachers,
On behalf of Praneet please accept this small token of appreciation and thanks. Our child has continued to thrive because of your gifts of nurturing, teaching and care. We have seen tremendous growth in social skills, speech, and creative play. I know during this pandemic, the gifts you have given our child are truly priceless and a simple thank you is not enough.


Please know you have solidified the bridge we have built to communicate and better
understand Praneet's needs.


With deep respect and gratitude.



Mrs. Rekha Mishra


Dear Ma’am
Happy Teacher's Day to you and all the teachers of VPMS. I am very thankful to you for your effort in making kids understand and learn with so much fun. As a parent, I am really satisfied with the online sessions and my child enjoys learning with you.




Mr & Mrs Gupta


Dear Teachers,
Just can’t thank you enough for all the efforts and initiative you are all putting to make our little ones enjoy their school journey. It is indeed a difficult time for everyone, but your efforts are making the online studies fruitful for the younger ones.


Please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Usha Katageri


Respected Ma’am,
I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by all the teachers and management to run the online school so smoothly. The efforts by each one of you are really commendable. Thank you, Ma’am for your continuous contribution towards running of
the online classes.




Mrs. Iyer

Dear Ma'am,

We are truly fortunate to be a part of the VPMS Team! All the virtual classes, regular reminders on all the three platforms (MS Teams, UOLO, Google Classroom) quality of the content, the regular revision, the seamless Online Assessments have been helping us a lot.

We are grateful to the Management, to you, all the teaching staff, Admin department, the Helping staff for helping our child groom so well right from Jr.KG till now and we look forward to continue the beautiful journey together in the future.

Thank You

Mrs. Deeptha

Dear Ma'am,
I really appreciate your hard work.  Even on Sunday you send children revision papers so that they can practice for the test. Thank you so much Ma'am, you make our work so easy. With revision papers sent, I do not have to take much efforts to make papers for my son and just have to ensure that these papers are done by him.

Thank you once again.



Mrs. Akanksha Sinha


Dear Team VPMS,
I Akanksha Sinha, Mother of Rayan Sinha who is studying in Junior KG of your school would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers of the school to start giving online classes at this difficult time of lockdown. We all know in current circumstances it's not possible for children to attend the school physically at this time which could result in loss of their studies. But I am really happy by the steps taken by school to continue providing online classes so that even in this time children can still learn new things and their time is not completely wasted. I have seen improvement in my son
and hope for more in the future.

I would also like to mention that I have received a video in which the teachers explain how to pronounce each and every word and repeated it several times so that it is easy for Rayan to learn. It was a very enlightening experience for my son, since the video was made after taking into consideration that it is to educate the kids, so extra measures were taken to make it easier and simpler for him to understand and learn.

So, thank you to all teachers for the efforts taken in encouraging Rayan to learn new things even while staying at home and taking measures for their bright future. Looking forward to more learning sessions.

Last but not the least, thanks to you & backend team who helped in bringing this together.



Mrs. Jyoti Tiwari

Hello Dear Class Teacher
It was a lovely session today. Mayank was very excited and was waiting for this you Saturday. I am very thankful to the School and all the teachers for the efforts they are putting in.

Children really miss the School and also all the activities done with their class.
Thanks a bunch.




Mr. Dubash


Dear Team VPMS,
Good morning. I know that I have taken my own time to write this email which is a heartfelt reaction to the Virtual Celebration of our Independence Day followed by the Director's address

I have personally mentioned this previously to a few personnel at VPMS about the perfection and finesse with which the events and the school is run. Well, as we all know, it just does not require just a good leader but also very good followers for things to fall in place each and every time. And the entire team at VPMS is an excellent example of the same.
We as parents are assured that we have made a proper decision with regards to choosing a school for our children.


The efforts being made to keep the children engaged is also a herculean task and we applaud the efforts of the entire team and the Management of VPMS.

At this juncture, I would like to openly thank Ms. Nandini Vikhe Patil for speaking out to all the parents. We both are indeed very happy that the issue was addressed adequately by the Management.

Last but not the least, we wish good luck and our wishes remain with each and every team member who have been burning midnight's oil to ensure that our children enjoy learning.



Mr. Satish Kadam,


Dear Madam,
Today we had an interaction with the Class Teacher in regard to the progress of my son. Our overall experience was very good, the teacher updated us about the academic progress of my son and also emphasized on current change in teaching and learning methods and also briefed us how to monitor his overall progress and many tips to engage kids during pandemic time.

We wish to say thank you teachers for briefing us and guiding us to perform our parental responsibilities better



Mr. Koushik Dey


Respected Madam,
Today, after watching the Independence Day celebration organized by the school, l was overwhelmed and cannot stop myself from expressing my immense THANKS to all of the teachers, staff and students of VPMS, Lohegaon.
I wish to acknowledge your teams and pupils’ efforts and determination in this pandemic situation that had never let us believe we aren’t connected as we would have been, had it been a normal school. The way Independence Day video was
prepared and orchestrated, the way you all are striving to continue the class online, the way you keep connected with parents and students online, I must say Hats Off!

I have been working in IT for 18 years now, and the challenge we, as a professional IT organization have been going through to manage everything remotely, I can truly appreciate the challenges you have been dealing with. Inspite of that, the way you have coped and turned around and now almost fully operational, it couldn’t have been
possible without the determination and hard work of yourself and the teachers, management and staff.


No words of Thanks can justify your efforts. Would be delighted if I can be of any help
to you all.



Mrs. Rashmi Kunwar,

Hello Ma'am,
I was lucky to attend today's meeting of Director’s address. I am so thankful to all the teachers of Std. III and the school staff for making these online classes possible. For me you have achieved success by class Xth result and also by the results of 1st unit tests of the children. The idea of quiz was wonderful. My child is a mediocre student, and I was never ever present with her while any classes or activities were on.

But when I used to sit with her lessons, I could easily see that she knew everything about the lesson done in classes and I just revised everything with her with few spellings and answer formations.

Personally, Ma'am I am very thankful to the school for taking classes in such a clear and easy way.



Ms. Priya

Respected Ma’am,
I am writing to you to share a word of gratitude for all that the school is doing to provide the best to students.
I would like to extend my support to school in whichever area it is needed. Please consider me always available for the school in whichever way required, this is the least I can do during this time to support the school.


Thank you, Ma’am, and wishing you and all the staff of VPMS Lohegaon a very happy Independence Day!



Mr. Vijay Pukale

Hello Sir,
It was a new experience of PTM. Thanks for your valuable feedback and for uplifting my child’s moral and giving her confidence. She is fortunate to have a candid and motivating class teacher like you.


Please convey my gratitude to the Principal and all the faculties in school for the splendid  fforts to make it an effective and efficient learning experience.

Really appreciate all your efforts to adopt this new normal of online teaching in such a
short time and adopting technology seamlessly.




Mr. Navneeth Srinivasan


Respected Ma'am,
I would like to put forward my feedback regarding the online examination. Ma'am, I would like to thank all your teaching and supporting staff for conducting the online examination smoothly. The pattern of examination was very much user friendly for my son and he had attempted most of the subjects by himself without hassles.

The time limit was also sufficient, and he was able to go through the questions calmly and without any haste before attempting it.



Mr. Pranay Kumar & Mrs. Priyanka Updahyay

Respected Ma’am,
We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to the School Management as well as faculty for making everything possible and running smoothly and effectively in this pandemic situation.

We understand, when we try or are forced to change our normal working ways, we face many challenges, and everything can't go perfect. We really appreciate the efforts taken:

* by the School Management to finalize and start the online classes in such a nice way and very less hiccups.
* by teachers, who have learnt the new technology (which being a technical person I understand how difficult it would be for them) and still on time for all their classes.
* by school management/teachers for arranging all the infrastructure for technical setups.
* Teaching content and presentations: We as parents never sit with our ward during the classes, as we respect the privacy between the teacher and student in the classroom. Hence, we cannot comment anything as well as should not comment on how classes are delivered in this situation. However, the progress I am seeing in my ward suggests that he is enjoying and learning well in the classroom.
* The videos, PPTs and other content are really good and to the point.
* School fees - I would like to acknowledge that we were never forced to pay a fee, even if we are late. I have not seen any other school in our vicinity with such a great gesture. We really appreciate school management for considering waiving some percentage of the school fee.
* We hope and assume that even with this waiver, school management is somehow able to take care of non-teaching staff like mausis, drivers etc. In the previous sessions they had taken care of our kids, and probably now it's time for us (if required) to make sure that we stand with them.


We know you are well equipped and trained to handle all these situations in a better way than us, but still, we would like to extend our support and help to you. Please let us know if we can be of any help in any situation, and we will try to do our best based on our capacity.



Mrs. Yogita Pawar


Dear Ma'am,
I would firstly like to thank the entire VPMS team for putting in so much efforts and making such beautiful videos for all the students. They really look forward for the new videos each day. The dances were well performed, the message given in English and Hindi were so well said. We also enjoyed the song that was sung by the primary


Secondly, the way the online classes are managed is exceptionally good. The kind of efforts that the teachers take to make the PPT's and videos is worth appreciating.

The concepts thought in Math and Science are  understood well by the students. The teachers manage the class well. The delivery of the content is also nice.

The languages Marathi, French and Hindi classes are interactive and well planned. The way the grammar topics are thought in Hindi and Marathi is very good. The teachers make sure that all the concepts are clear with the students. Though French is a new language for all the students, they are able to grasp and understand the language very well. The students await their French class every week. The children also enjoy the different videos that are shown by their teacher. It does help them to improve on the speaking skills.

All the teachers try to keep the class engrossed by some way or the other. The different activities that are planned and conducted by the English teacher is commendable. The students invest their time in these activities rather than wasting it
watching TV or playing games on the mobile. The delivery of content is also good.


I am really happy to see that the school has not only tried to focus on studies but has also made sure to inculcate other activities as well. The Yoga and Value Education classes also take place smoothly and the matter shown by the teachers will surely make an impact on the students in some way or the other.

The quizzes, worksheets, videos and PDF's sent by all the teachers help the students to revise and understand the concepts well. I appreciate the efforts the school has taken to manage two online teaching platforms and help the children in the best possible way.

Once again, I would like to thank you, Principal ma'am and all the teachers for all the efforts taken for our children and managing this new style of teaching so well.Hello Ma'am, I was lucky to attend today's meeting of Director’s address. I am so thankful to all the teachers of Std. III and the school staff for making these online classes possible.
For me you have achieved success by class Xth result and also by the results of 1st unit tests of the children. The idea of quiz was wonderful. My child is a mediocre student, and I was never ever present with her while any classes or activities were on.