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“A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal

may not mean anything to all creatures,

but will mean everything to one.” - Paul Oxton

The sole purpose of every teacher at Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Lohegaon is to make life

meaningful for every child under our wings by providing them with a variety of experiences and activities.

One such thrilling and exciting activity conducted recently was the ‘Virtual Field Trip’. Every

year the school arranges field trips and tours to places of interest. We did not want our

students to miss out on the wonderful experience this year and thus decided to take them on a ‘Virtual Jungle Safari’. This beautiful virtual tour was conducted for the students of Std. I to V by Mr. Paresh Deshmukh from ‘Footloose Journey’. Mr. Deshmukh who is a wildlife photographer and naturalist himself gave our students a lovely insight into the wildlife of the jungle. He wonderfully explained the characteristics of the animals in the forest.

The use of beautiful and myriad pictures and videos self-shot by the presenter left the students spellbound. The supportive explanation given by him made all the students and teachers curious and hungry for more information. The weaving of the explanation by means of the food chain made the entire tour more interesting and stimulating. Mr. Deshmukh was able to hold the interest of all the participants by giving minutest details of the physical features, habitat, living conditions and food habits of the animals, birds and insects in the forest. He helped the children travel virtually by explaining about the moth at the bottom of the food chain to the Bengal Tiger at the top of the food chain. The mention and explanation of the particulars of the majestic animals and insects like plain tiger butterfly, owl, bull frog, Indian sambar, sloth bear, langoor, Bengal tiger, etc. was very enthusiastically received by the students.

The session was so captivating that some of the older students couldn’t resist sharing their

own knowledge and experiences with the presenter.

A special word of gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Paresh Deshmukh and ‘Team Footloose

Journey’ for sharing their personal rare captures and videos from the Indian Jungles of the

animals of such grandiose and majesty. Exploring this massive wildlife of Indian forests and

wildlife reserves like ‘Tadoba, Kanha, Nagzira’ was a beautiful adventure travel that took us

closer to nature. This virtual safari created an interest among the students to actually explore

the untamed lives of this splendid world. The hour-long tour ended all too soon but left a

lasting impression on the minds of our little ones.

Mr. Deshmukh left the audience with 5 tips to follow to protect wildlife:

* Do not use plastics * Save fuel

* Save Water, Do not pollute water * Save paper

* Save electricity, switch to solar energy

This will help in creating a better world for animals to live in and we can make a positive

contribution towards Mother Earth.

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