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Activity Of The Month- Choral speaking Competition

Activity of the month ‘Choral speaking’ for grade 6 to 8 was conducted on 24th January

2020 in Multipurpose Hall.

Choral speaking is an entertaining way to learn and to improve the language. This, being a

group activity inculcates team work, co-operation and directs all students towards a

common goal. This competition help students improve their speech – the pitch, tone,

volume, rate, diction, enunciation and pacing.

All the four houses were able to produce a good level of choral speaking and had

showcased excellent performance . Time limit for each house was 2 minutes to 2.30


This event gives a platform to the students to work closely in groups. They were able to

communicate and help each other in learning the language. This activity also helped the

students to build-up their self- confidence, memorize and express in English..

The event was judged by the Principal Candice Braganza, Bindu Ma’am and Ms.Ritu. The

winners of the event were announced by the Principal Ma’am. Overall it was an interesting


The Results of the Choral speaking competition is as follows:

1st Position - Emerald house.

2nd Position - Ruby house

3rd position - Sapphire house

4th position - Coral house

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