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Annual Exhibition

The Month end activity Annual Exhibition was conducted on 28th February, 2015 Students showcased an informative and attractive exhibitions put up by the Hindi, English, Science and Social Studies departments, with models such as a 3-D model of a Human digestive, water wheel, human digestive system, motor tooth brush etc.

Art and craft exhibits put up by the junior wing were a reflection of their creativity and talent. There was a dazzling array of paper mache, photo frames, glass paintings, pen holders, paintings collages, tissue paper flowers etc. The exhibits put up by the senior school were extremely informative and eye – catching.

The Math exhibition was able to generate tremendous interest among the visitors. There were also a series of brain storming puzzles and games.

The Art and Craft work proved to be a major attraction among the visitors. Beautiful paintings were not only made on paper but on stone and glass as well. Beautiful terracotta pots and artifacts were on display. The array of craft items included innovative and aesthetically designed table mats, pen holders, magazine holders, paper bags etc. The parents were also given an opportunity to display their talents at the Exhibition. They put up stalls of their paintings, artifacts, jewellery, gooseberry candy and pickle etc. The parents appreciated the efforts put in by the students and the teachers in setting up the exhibition.

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