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Annual Exhibition 2014

The Annual Exhibition was held at our School on Saturday, 1st March, 2014. The Exhibition is a very important event, wherein our students are encouraged to showcase their creativity by displaying their integrated projects, paintings, drawings, and art and craft works which are prepared throughout the year.

The students showcase their talents in Science, Mathematics, Language and Social Science. Our honorable Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Manoj Narwade Director, PCMRD and Trustee and Secretary of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation. He took a keen interest in viewing the exhibits and interacting with the students. 

The Exhibition was organized from Pre Primary to STD VII. Each class came to life with a kaleidoscope of various colours. Household items like glass, bangles, matchsticks, paper, and cotton wool were used to create decorations, wall-hangings, pen-stands, and many other craft items. Pre-primary and primary students displayed their art work including thumb-printing, hand-printing, and paper-sticking projects. 

Students not only showcased block-printing projects, pot decoration, and collages but also put on display some of the best projects that were made out of waste items. Students displayed projects involving paper-flower making, tie and dye, and dye-printing, while the senior students showcased their talent in fabric painting. 

Moreover, crafts made from hand-made paper and the “best out of waste” projects were also put on display. The students also displayed working models which grabbed the visitors attention. The students were able to explain their projects confidently which was appreciated by the parents. 

The manner in which the classes were presented was exquisite and enthralling. Each class was unique and one of its kind. The hard work and dedication with which the projects were made by the students was evident in their beauty and precision.

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