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Art and Craft Annual Exhibition Grade I and II

‘Children are a treasure of hidden talents and new ideas’

An ‘Art and Craft’ Annual Exhibition was organized at VPMS Lohegaon on 11th January

2020. The Annual exhibition of our school was a grand show with art and craft works on

display. Our students are encouraged to showcase their creativity and talents by displaying

their integrated projects, paintings, drawings, and art and craft works which are prepared

throughout the year.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the by the Principal Ms Candice. She congratulated the

students and lauded the efforts of the teachers for the innovative work done and said that art

improves the child’s ability in expression and feeling. She also addressed the students and

encouraged the non – artists to develop interest for art as it could be a help for their future.

The pre-primary section was part of the school exhibition. It was an involvement of all the

artists of the grade 1 and 2 by displaying their exhibits through origami, painting, spray and

palm painting, water painting, collage and best out of waste Projects on all subjects were

also on display. The students displayed work done throughout the year and also the charts &

models along with their subjects.

Students are given the opportunity to work with colours ,clays, pencil shavings, paper plates

and cups, colourful paper, and various decoration material to create their own piece of

artwork giving them a sense of achievement and also giving them the opportunity of

appreciating other’s artwork.

Teachers at VPMS encouraged little ones to realize the importance of using creative skills,

motor skills, and cognitive skills. Art and craft helps in stimulating children’s minds and give

them a fantastic opportunity to express themselves in their unique way. It is the teachers that

help children to understand the importance of arts and crafts in order to achieve their

creative potential. All children love to create art and make things. In young children playing

with arts and crafts inspires creativity while helping them to focus their mind.

The exhibition was open for all the students and the parents to view. High school teachers

had come to visit the exhibition. Many parents also came to appreciate the works put up by

the students This exhibition helped out the students in displaying their creativity.

The parents were really impressed to see the beautiful craft work displayed. They were very

impressed with the effort behind the exhibits.

The amount of enthusiasm and the talented works of the students from class 1 and 2 was

remarkable. Indeed the exhibition, which was demonstrated in the various displays had left

everyone speechless. Long queues of eager visitors snake in and out of School at all, the day

of the Exhibition and appreciated the efforts of teachers.

Under the dynamic leadership of the Principal Ms. Candice Braganza and Coordinator Ms.

Bindu Manoharan.. Students learnt the value of organizational skills & team work when

putting up such an event on a grand scale. An exhibition which was surely splendid. All in all

VPMS Annual exhibition was a grand success.

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