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Fancy Dress Competition

Pre-Primary Section conducted a “Fancy Dress Competition” on 5th for Jr.KG students and on 7th for Sr.KG students. We invited our primary section parents Mrs. Ashwini Shah, Dr. Mrs. Upma Singh and Mrs. Anitha Gadumoori to judge our Jr.KG participants and Mrs. Shweta Vaikunthe, Mrs. Shweta Jagtap and Mrs. Pooja Singh to judge our Sr.KG participants. The themes were ‘Fruits’ and ‘Vegetables for Jr.KG and Sr.KG respectively.

Every child participated and tried to gave the best. There was a lot of variety of fruits and vegetable. From Jr.KG some were apple, banana, strawberry, grapes, pineapple, mango, etc. from Sr.KG some were carrot, spinach, chilly, cauliflower, brinjal, raddish, potato, tomato, corn, etc. Parents put many efforts to give the impact of the object. Some children recited poems related to the costume. Judges were impressed to see 100% participation. They were felicitated by our principal Mrs. Vinutha Ronurkar after the performances.

Date Class-Div 1st Position 2nd Position 3rd Position

05.03.18 Jr.KG-Daisy Advaita Labade Vihal Singh Shouryaa Gaikwad

05.03.18 Jr.KG-Tulip Joshua Gabriel Atharv Khemariya Saanvi Sajwan &

Ishanvi Pareek

05.03.18 Jr.KG-Daffodil Manushree Agarwal Omneet Sharma Mahika Jaiswal

07.03.18 Sr.KG-Peacock Rudraa Sakhare Chaitanya Paliwal Lakshmi Gaware

07.03.18 Sr.KG-Swan Aanshi Bhatia & Aarav Jaiswal Diksha Janghel

Krishvee Shah

07.03.18 Sr.KG-Dove Sonal Kumar Mansha Awale Harshika Khajuria &

Yug Lanjewar

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