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A variety of sessions were conducted as part of ‘Value Education/Health & Wellness’ for the students of Std VI to X.

The topics were chosen keeping a few things in mind. Starting from helping the students get used to the new normal, being able to adjust to the new scenario, being able to use their time wisely, to life skills that would be essential for these students as they grow up into young adults. 

As the students were left with a whole lot of time to themselves, this year, it was also a great opportunity for them to use this time wisely and build up on various essential skills, thus these sessions also majorly focused on highlighting the importance of life skills and how it would help them, to set themselves apart from the crowd, as they faced  life ahead.

A few of these sessions were also topics suggested by students themselves, when asked what they would like to have a session / discussion on.

Thus, these topics were chosen with utmost care and were well related to what each one of them would experience in their day-to-day life with essential tips also being included to help them enhance these skills in themselves. 


1 Dealing with Academic Stress and Developing Study Skills

2 Anger Management

3 Self-Discipline and Impulsivity

4 Overthinking

5 Self-Awareness

6 Interpersonal Skills

7 Team Building

8 Honesty and Integrity

9 Leadership

10 Enhancing your Decision-Making Skills

11 Critical Thinking

12 Conflict Resolution

13 Empathy

14 Memory and Forgetting

15 Learning and study skills

16 Enhancing your Personality

17 Fostering Creative Thinking

18 Handling Criticism

19 Creating and Building a Good Rapport

20 Emotional Intelligence

21 Social Skills

22 Compassion

23 Optimism

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