• Brisingr Tech Team

Hindi Diwas celebration – 15th September 2014

14th September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas all over India. There was a special assembly conducted by the students of STD III to STD VIII to mark the celebration of Hindi Diwas on Monday, 15th September, 2014.

The assembly began with a prayer song followed by thought for the day. Dhrithi Gupta spoke about Hindi Diwas to the students. Diksha Gupta, Tvisha Gopi and Shrushti Chavan of STD VI recited a poem in Hindi. Dyuti Gupta of STD VII in her speech mentioned about the changes that has occurred in the in the Hindi language over the years. She also said about the availability of Hindi literature on the internet and the importance the school are giving to this language.

Omkar Dixit administered the pledge in Hindi. The students were instructed the medium of communication for the day would be Hindi.

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