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Inter house Heritage India Quiz

The Inter house Heritage India Quiz was conducted on 23rd July 2016 to inculcate among the students interest and appreciation for the rich heritage and diversity of our country. This quiz has been conceptualized with the objective of creating awareness and appreciation in the student community towards the rich cultural heritage and diversity of our country

We have always been proud of their cultural heritage. The monuments, artifacts, folk traditions, language and even natural heritage and its bio-diversity need to be preserved and conserved.

It is important for the students to know about the heritage which enables them to understand the beliefs, values, history and socio-cultural context of their country. This helps them to accept and respect the cultural differences given in the diversity and leads to developing critical skills.

The quiz was conducted house wise for Classes I to V. It was conducted in their respective classes. Power point presentation was made for the students of class I to III.

For classes VI to X, the Heritage quiz was conducted house wise .There were four participants from each house. The first round was the direct question round followed by the buzzer round, audio, video and rapid fire rounds. The topics included natural heritage, built heritage, performing arts, arts, speeches, personalities, sports etc.

Students enthusiastically participated in the quiz. The activity was enjoyed by one and all present there.

Class I position II Position III Position

I Coral House Ruby House Emerald House Sapphire House

II Sapphire House Emerald House Ruby House

III Ruby House Coral House Emerald House

V Sapphire House Ruby House Coral House

VI – X Emerald House Coral House Ruby House

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