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Visit to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre

Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee, is a Rehabilitation Centre meant for the after care and rehabilitation of personnel’s of Defence forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired form service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation.

The idea of Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre was conceived after the 1971 Indo-Pak War when there were 60 Spinal Cord Injury casualties. The foundation stone was laid by General GG Bewoor, PVSM, the then Chief of Army Staff on 23 June 1973 and the Centre was inaugurated by Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the then President of India on 20 Sep 1974. This Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre is the largest centre of its kind in India and one of the largest in South East Asia.

On 18th Aug, 2016 a visit was organized to the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre for students of grade IX and X The students were accompanied by Mrs Harmeet Raghuvanshi , Mr Prakash Pujari and Mr Deepak P. The students reached the venue at 10 am.

Students celebrated Raksha Bandhan with the brave soldiers. The girls tied Rakhi to the brave men and prayed for their long lives. Students interacted with the soldiers and learnt about their day to day activities. Most of the soldiers had participated in the various international sports events and had brought laurels to the country. The soldiers’ were full of enthusiasm and were very positive and optimistic towards life. Students realised the importance of keeping oneself busy and working towards ones goals. Students realised the role of soldiers in protection and safety of the nation. They also learnt the importance of these soldiers who help us to live a safe and secure life.

Each soldier inspired the students in their own way. Students went around the centre to have the glimpse of all the activities these soldiers.

This trip gave an insight to the lives of the paraplegic soldiers. The courage and the determination of these soldiers inspired the students.

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